Morning Puzzle

For the past 5 minutes I’ve been on various search engines seeking fruitlessly for an answer. Is this a case of a fuzzled (it is a word!) brain, or a genuine lack of information? My usual max is around 5 queries to a useful result. I’m way beyond that now!

I woke up with cold ears this morning and hunched in further into my blankets. And that got me wondering, how useful are mufflers? And exactly what is their function. How does a warm neck help? And to add to that, are ear muffs useful? And if so, why? I was querying the first bit about mufflers and the closest I got to that was this, but it turned out to be a query too.

Figuring a smart approach I decided to hit Wikipedia, since it hadn’t showed up in the searches. Har har. I know now why it didn’t.

For ear warmers (not muffs) – About has an article. The inference is that cold ears can be painful. So, having ear warmers keeps that pain away. Hence there’s a function. I typed in “scarf why” into About’s search and the first article that popped out was why Sikh’s tied turbans. Interesting, but not what I was looking for. So, ears are clear, neck’s are not.

Update! Thanks to Katia’s Facebook comment, here’s the article that says why it’s important to wear a scarf.

I’m guessing she searched sideways, and looked up neck heat loss. It was a case of fuzzled brains on my end.

Update [7/1/2012]:

Here’s a thermograph of the human body which may be useful. I’m not sure if this is the average body temp, or this image represents a healthy male, etc. But it shows that the groin and neck areas radiate the most heat.

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