Is this a Newspaper?

IMAG0103 (2) Welcome to The Hindu which sells its front page to yet another Gandhi sycophant (YAGS). I wonder if I should discontinue my subscription to this paper. I like the idea of looking at the diverse views in India, but perhaps I should also seek a paper that doesn’t just print absolutely useless shit. Yes, what have I learnt from the news today? That 2012 is going to be spent reading about the likes of Mr. H. Vasanthakumar, who’re proud to by sycophants?

I really wanted to read The Hindu because it comes from the South. I figured what with India’s fractured North-South psyche it’d give me a good perspective. It’s a bit too early to start thinking heavier thoughts, so if anyone out there’s reading, please do leave me some feedback.

And I do need a lesson in grammar – its vs. it’s. That’s what I’ll be reading next. Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Thanks Wee.

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