No Plugging, but everything’s playing!

I disappeared for a couple of days back there. And I’m extremely happy with what I’ve got going for now. In my NAS posts, I was trying to get RAID up so I could have this shared server for all media. Well, I’ve taken a step sideways. Instead of making it just a shared folder, I decided to aim for a media center.

At first there were two options: MediaTomb and XBMC. With my inability to get the latest version of XBMC running on Ubuntu 11.10 (graphics related crashes), I turned back to MediaTomb. Ah, I’m not really telling the story well. But here’s what I’ve reached so far so you know it works.

MediaTomb can function as an excellent Media Server (music, videos and images). You need to slightly tune the config file (links forthcoming) and now I’ve got it streaming to my PC, and my phone. Frankly, it’s better than attaching an external HD to my PC even! MediaTomb works with Media Player 11 on Windows 7, but with a stupid number of duplicate files showing. It isn’t MediaTomb. I tried on my mobile and it works fine and no duplicates appear. I’ll be trying XBMC too see if that functions well as a client.

For my Android, I’m using 2 tools: MxPlayer to render and UPnPlay to browse the list. UPnPlay could be better, but for a free product, it’s awesome!

Ran into one issue with some files not showing in MediaTomb, but found that this happened because of file permissions. This link helped resolve the issue.

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