NAS Box Part 3. And other stuff.

Last time we stopped at me being stuck about the screen. After some searching, I picked up a 15.6” Benq LED screen from – where else? – Nehru Place. My good old Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard worked quite well – except the mouse seemed to be out of batteries. Impatiently, I plugged in another and continued.

In the intervening day, I’d had time to chat with my wife and she made a really good suggestion. Since this computer was so high spec, why not use it as a backup machine for home use anyways? I gave it some thought and agreed. Now that created another issue. I could no longer use FREENAS – at least not in the way I’d envisioned it earlier. So, I settled for Ubuntu as the desktop OS. I’d heard from my friends that this was perhaps one of the friendliest and nicest distros out there. I’d tried Zenwalk before and some of those lessons came in handy – esp. booting from USB.

Last year when I’d tried booting Ubuntu, I’d failed miserably, this time it worked like a charm and in no time I had Ubuntu set up. I had an older version and so I set it to upgrade to 11.4. Har har. Linux still has issues. The latest version is 11.10 – so after upgrading to 11.4 I had to upgrade again to 11.10! Waste of time, but you live you learn and I guess you pay for being lazy. I could’ve just downloaded the latest distro.

And yet again, I’m in some trouble. Coz, it appears that the desktop version of Ubuntu isn’t the best one for installing a Raid1 or so the tutorials say. Ok, I get confused about RAIDs too. Here’s a quick refresher on RAID.

Ok, so before I go mucking about let me explain my setup briefly. I’ve got 3 HDs:

  • HD1 is the boot hd with Ubuntu installed – 160 GB
  • HD2 and HD3 are the ones I want to use for my RAID1 – they’re both 1 TB HDs.

Most documentation that I’ve found online seems to work on the assumption that I want to use the RAID1 for my operating system, so they advise me to use a bootable cd (live cd) to configure it. I’m planning on jumping into the juicy post-boot bits to see if I can make it work. I’m still working on it and I’m taking some time off since I’ve got my first guest staying over and yesterday we watched Ghost Protocol and had some Masala Dosa and Vada Sambar. And today’s plan is to head to Khan Market and catch up on some shopping.

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