NAS box cont’d @ Nehru Place

Nehru Place is the place to go to if you want to do any IT related purchases in Delhi – hardware, software, accessories – you name it, they’ve got it. Incidentally, USA has listed it as one of 30 most notorious markets in the world. After reading that, I simply couldn’t resist a visit. From my place in Defence Colony, it’s a easy ride via the metro. So around noon, I did just that.IMAG0123

From the metro station, you walk across the street to the Satyam cinema and right behind it you’ll find yourself in the middle of furious activity.


At first sight, it looks like a mess, but soon enough you start making sense of the place. Shops on the ground floor tend to be show rooms and outlets for the bigger players where you can find all the major PC brands: Dell, HP, and Sony. Walk down the end of this main thoroughfare and you’ll find yourself in the slightly more seedier part of this market.


Things are more chaotic in this part of the market and here you’ll find shops that’ll buy your old wares and sell you the gutted remains, replace a broken IC or transistor or, curiously enough, laminate your laptop’s keyboard. You can find all necessary components to assemble your pc from scratch. Which is what my intention was.

To get a sense of the prices I first walked into Dell. Their range for a desktop with 2GB RAM, Xeon processor around 3GHz, DVD Writer and 500GB HD was around 35K. I can’t recall now whether that included the keyboard, mouse and screen. In any case, that’s where the upper-end of the range was. Soon, I located IMAG0130a warehouse that offered to sell me an second hand IBM desktop fitted out the way I liked it. Their price was 7K Rs. for the case, 2GB RAM, DVD Writer, and 160 GB HD. No accessories included, but I didn’t need them anyways. A mouse is roughly around 300 Rs. and a keyboard should be around the same price. Monitors 15” and thereabouts were in the 4-5k range. So if I got this version of the assembled PC, I’d probably pay like 13k. Not a bad deal. Add in a high-end video card and a 500 GB HD, I’d shell out another 2k and 4k respectively. So I was looking at 20k for a complete machine.

My goal was the NAS, so I decided to get 2 1TB hard drives, for around 4,900 Rs. each. I watched them assemble the PC with the components in the right place. We hit a small snag coz the cabinet had no space for a 3rd HD. So I removed the floppy and using that space fixed this issue. I shelled out another 1,100 Rs. for a IMAG0131UPS that’d give me 30 mins of power in case of outages and stabilize the voltage. It has 3 outlets, so I plugged in the base station of my phone, the wireless router and the PC. To set it up, I’ll need to make one final round to pick up a monitor. That’s my mission for tomorrow.

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