I’m thinking of building this as my next home project. I’m bored and need to keep myself occupied. Besides, this is a good idea esp. since I want to minimize the use of wires on my laptop.

What’s a NAS? NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. If you’ve got a ton of media (movies, music, photos) and software (apps you want to keep on hand), you probably want to ensure the following:

  • They’re backed up
  • Easy to access
  • Available from more than one device (my pet peeve)
  • Easy to share with the family

You could do this with photos and other stuff on the web, but bandwidth and other issues being as they are, you could do it a lot easier from home.  You could try an external HD, but you run into back-up issues and exclusive access. So the best option is a shared folder or something accessible to folks on your network – i.e. a Network Attached Store.

Based on a chat with my friend Peter, unless I want something high-end it’s better to build a software based NAS box. I agree. To build this I need a recipe, the ingredients and the prep work.


Ingredients: covered in the recipe and becomes my shopping list.

So I’ll get started and head towards Nehru place to buy the components.

I’m planning on stress testing the HDs. Probably will buy 1 and get more after. Here are some tools that I may use:

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