Home Improvement

Admittedly this wasn’t a very high-tech job, but there were a few things that needed doing at home: fixing a burnt extension wire, replacing a fuse, and fixing a switch. The problem started with my wife discovering that the washing machine wasn’t working one fine day. I was away, so we got a temporary extension cable and worked it from a wall socket. That was fine, but the wall socket we were using was the one I was using to connect the WLAN router and the base station of our cordless phone. So, I suggested an extension wire where we could plug in all 3. Yeah, I should’ve realized that the load would be too high for most extension cables.

I ended up with a burnt extension wire, and the replacement extension wire with higher load levels bust the fuse. So 3 issues. I decided to do it myself, esp. since I’ve nothing better to do. So I picked up the following:

Part Price
16 Amp switch 25 Rs.
Insulation Tape 10 Rs.
6m cable (replace cable for extension wire) 300 Rs. (50 Rs/meter)
2 Fuses 10 Amp (one spare) 10 Rs.
3 pin plug 16 Amp load 40 Rs.

When I got down to it, I took under 5 mins to replace the switch, 15 mins to replace the cable for the extension wire and under 10 seconds to replace the fuse. And I’m a lot more satisfied with the quality of the job, and I know a bit more about market prices in India. I think I got ripped off on the cable prices – the 4.5 m extension wire was 190 Rs. If the cost of the cable was 180 Rs then the cost would’ve been 40 Rs/meter. Oh well, I live and I learn. Next time, buy ext. wire and chop the cable off Winking smile.

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