And Now I’m Back

The past month has been one full of many new experiences. I must say, being unemployed is opening up so many exciting avenues to drive down. It’ll be a bit difficult for me to go over all the experiences I had, but here’s a brief list:

  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • Food adventures
  • Reading up on the Indian freedom movement and some of the protagonists
  • A trip to Dindigul
  • Rajakkad

I could possibly blog about every topic and perhaps if I feel energetic enough, I will. In the meanwhile there’s work to do!

Items I managed to check off my list since I arrived:

  • Follow-up on the gas connection
  • Connect the wireless phone (my landline’s working now!)
  • Assemble the IKEA bed
  • Subscribe to Frontline, Caravan and Outlook (and the discounts are amazing!)
  • Email the people I met at Rajakkad
  • Post a letter
  • Look up process for
    • A new bank account
    • Joining India Habitat Center

And of course there’s a big list of things to do that keeps growing. Not much to do but collect and then check the items off as I go.

I’ll put up some of the pictures that I took while away later.

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