Complexity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder

This is one of those “Ach, so!” moments.

Problem statement:

On my blog I’ve got lots of different articles up covering topics like technology, cooking, short stories, ideas, etc. Now, as a reader when one goes to a site, one goes with an expectation. You could choose to go with a site that puts up random posts (like mine), or you’d go for something specific. I imagine that with my wide array of interests, my readers would fall into both categories. My blog addresses the former’s need. I was looking for a solution for the latter.


  • WordPress offers pages – could I use these pages to post things? Each page would then represent an interest.
  • Multiple blogs – I could go for multiple bogs on WordPress with the same theme and use the menu bar on top to let users navigate through the pages.

imageThe pages idea didn’t work. I did some basic searching, but couldn’t find anything that’d help. You have the main blog page and you can other pages, but they’re not really blogs. A sideways option would be to buy my own website and under this site create multiple blogs, each on a separate page. Which is the same as the multiple blog idea.

imageMultiple blogs is as an idea is interesting. It works, effectively I create a number of blogs, manage the same theme and use WLW to blog. I’d have to choose which one from the menu, but that’s easily done. Except that managing the various blogs and updates to themes etc. would be a bore.


And so I procrastinated and kept this idea on the back burner. I visited the Venturebeat blog today and noticed that they were a WordPress blog too! And a closer look at their menus clarified something. They were using Categories as channels and Tags for sub-channels. What a simple, yet neat idea! I guess, this is probably why they were created by WordPress or whoever in the first place! It’s just that without a formal learning approach, I never knew that – I guess this is where I learn my lesson about knowing my tools.


This is reinforcement of the same call to action by one CFO who once gave a presentation to a bunch of Microsofties in South Africa 3 years ago. He said “know your tools,” and proceeded to give us a clear example of our ignorance. “Who knows how to go to the agenda page using a keyboard shortcut?” Only one hand came up. The answer was press 2 and enter.

In PowerPoint clicking on a number and hitting enter takes you to the page number you just entered. Page 1 would presumably have the title and page 2, the agenda. I guess I could digress at this point, but here’s a link to some PowerPoint shortcuts for those interested and here’s a link that explains how to use categories in WordPress.


  1. Create my taxonomy – big word for saying the structure
  2. Recategorize my existing posts! (procrastination alert!)

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