Imperfect knowledge, or perhaps, it’s acting in haste?

Sometimes one’s underlying perceptions can make life harder. Case in point today is me trying to drive interest and traffic on my blog. I guess as a writer it’s not enough to write. Readership, especially loyal readership is important. Perhaps it’s a bit like acting, you’re offering something to the public and you do seek appreciation.

Now that aside, I’m guessing a lot of people could possibly appreciate what I have to share, at least some of it most of the time. Smile So there are two ways to go about it:

  1. Write more of the useful stuff
  2. Reach out to a broader audience

I looked at my wordpress stats and discovered that I’m actually doing fairly well (I mean that extremely modestly) with the site visits. When I just write on WordPress with no outreach, I get an average of 2 visits per month! With outreach (and there are many many ideas here) things start to improve.

So what have I experimented with?

  1. Easiest thing in the world, use a signature in my email. That did improve things, but it’s limited to the number of people I email or the number of people an email gets forwarded to. Somewhat limited.
  2. Twitter – I added TwitterNotify to my Windows Live Writer. A bit better, now every time I post all people who’re voluntarily following me get a tweet. Better than emailing, because I’m reaching a steady audience. Not that they’ll click, but it’s a steady audience (of 50 something people)
  3. Facebook – this is huge! I noticed that Facebook brought twice the number of visitors as the remaining means combined. Why? I have a larger friend base. Anyone I get in touch with on facebook is potentially a visitor. So the bigger the pool, the larger the return. Which makes sense

And the thing I just discovered is that while I was trying out various plugins to WLW, WordPress already has the notify facility built into it! Plus it’s got a whole host of other integrations like Google’s +1, Facebook Like, StumbleUpon and many more. Here’s the post on WordPress that explains how to activate it.

I’ve just updated my blog to notify Facebook, Twitter and MSN Messenger and added a whole host of like, tweet and other buttons as you will note. I guess I learnt a new thing and I’ll be glad to know how useful this integration is!

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3 responses to “Imperfect knowledge, or perhaps, it’s acting in haste?

  1. I’m just curious. Would you be able to track the posts that are sent via email to your followers?

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