You may have heard about this app from elsewhere, but seriously, I’m  moving every scrap of digitized writing I have and moving it to WikidPad. That page also gives you a good description of the app in great detail. You can do all sorts of things on it. It even comes with a very helpful help wiki – which is absolutely awesome! I think this app is here to stay. It feels a lot easier than the journal tool I wrote about earlier. I didn’t write much into it. It was a very unattractive Sad smile – I guess there’s one development lesson in here.

I’m also going through Writing Excuses – a great podcast by Brandon Sanderson and co. I hope to improve my writing by listening (an odd choice of words, that!). Going through their old seasons now.

And since I’m so lazy about tagging my posts, I’m using a TagGenerator – awesome tool for Windows Live Writer – which is a kick-ass tool anyways!

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