Buying a TV and a Washing Machine

The shopping adventure continues. On the list that I make everyday, I cross a few items and today I can say that I managed to cross off a significant two and made progress on several others. I have the luxury of being flexible with regards to time.

On my list today among other items were bed sheets, TV and washing machine. I’d been collecting data on prices and such of TVs. Once a model was decided the rest became a lot easier. I settled on a Samsung LED 32” 32D4000. LED vs. LCD was a consideration, plus the 20-30% lower power consumption and weight was another. It makes life so much easier. The next hurdle was pricing. I know jack about prices in India. So I headed towards the main dealer on South Ext. I. After some discussion, the price that emerged was around 34,000 INR. I had a baseline for comparison now. Taking that I decided to go to two shops on Gurdwara Road, Kotla Market – so just around the corner. One came down to 32,200 INR and the second offered 31,500 INR. I thought this was a pretty good deal and settled on it.

On to Washing Machines. Now this was educational! There are several dimensions one needs to look at:

  • Top Loading vs. Front Loading – i.e.. where do you put in the clothes, from the top or the side? (front loading is the side
  • Semi or fully automatic – Semi automatic are top loading and generally cheaper. I knew I wanted an automatic
  • Weight capacity – this can cause the prices to fluctuate big-time
  • Other soft sell stuff – digital blah blah, LCD screen, and promotional gimmicks like Diamond Drum, and AG+, etc.

So which one is better? This article says it all!

I thought of going for the Samsung WF0602, but that was a 6Kg machine and the quoted price was in the range of 28,000 INR. After some thinking I decided to settle for a smaller 5.5 Kg machine. For our household (2 people), this reduced capacity means little, but the price difference was nearly 10,000 INR! I settled for an IFB Elite DX. I’d heard some stories with regards to the support, but upon speaking with our dealer, he explained that he lives right down the block and gave me his mobile number. With this assurance, I decided to go for the IFB. An added consideration is that IFB is considered the market leader in India.

On the side, I scouted out a Khadi store, found a tailor (and had a great argument with him), and found an amazing shop where I could pick up a standing lamp and a bedside light.

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