Bargaining–a skill I’m improving

It appears that one can’t walk a 100 meters in Delhi without bargaining. We’ve rented an apartment, purchased a fridge, a ladder, a drying rack, pearl pet jars and bottles and in every case we’ve had to bargain and hone our skills. The challenge, as always, is knowing the fair market value and in the case of used goods, figuring out a deal that leaves both parties happy.

We tried a shop in Defence colony for a 5 foot ladder. The price I was quoted was in the range of 2,700 Rs. (56 USD approx.). It came with a 10 year guarantee. I settled for one for 1,500 with a 6 month warranty from Kotla. I don’t think I got a good bargain on that. However, I purchased a drying rack for 1,000 Rs which appears to be a good deal. So, why’s it so hard to argue with the guys in Defence and so easy to bargain in Kotla?

Finds in Kotla:

  • Steel cups, plates and other kitchenware
  • Ladders, Drying Racks and other metal furniture

Other finds in Lajpat Nagar:

  • 2nd hand bike stores
  • Car upholstery and accessories market
  • Branded sport shoe outlets
  • Bicycle stores
  • Electrical goods

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