erm… have you heard of Windows Journal!?

After watching Megamind and going through writingforums’ site, I decided I wanted to write a journal. I could do the paper & pen version, but frankly, I don’t think my geeky side would let me. Plus I find it a lot easier to reference and cross reference notes if they’re online. It’s a lot handier and way easier. So there I am plugging away on Google and Bing to figure out which app shall grace my pc.

Found a cool article on Lifehacker – I really like this site! But wasn’t too attached to any of these. I remembered I used one that reminded me of star trek – like a captain’s log. Can’t recall it and an idle search didn’t find it for  me. So while searching I stumbled upon Windows Journal – it’s built into Windows 7. Just tried it. I’m not impressed. Sad smile

Oh well, the search continues… we live, we search.

I found this awesome post which describes how you can use Windows Notepad!! I found it absolutely fabulous. I’ve been using this tool since… 1992?! or longer! And I did not know about this feature! As you can see I’m hyped. It’s not for me – at least not in the keeping a diary context, but it’s really cool, and no download needed either!

Debrief looks promising. Found it on CNET. and so does My Daily Journal – which incidentally can be used on a USB stick and run anywhere you are – on a Win PC of course.

MDJ – seems quite simple and basic, but looks too simple… I’m getting picky with free software here.

So, I tired out 2 additional apps – Chrysanthemum and Efficient Man’s Organizer Free.

In the end, after sampling all of these, I realized I was happy with MDJ. I wanted a simple no frills tool and this would do it for me now. The others added a thrill to it, but none needed here.

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