Research in New Delhi

I’m reading up ancient Indian history and came across some really interesting subjects and facts:

  • India was the first country where an envoy was always given safe conduct.
  • To surrender, you held a straw between your teeth.
  • At one time Patliputra (Patna) was one of the amazing cities of the east.
  • The chakra was not just a mystical weapon (as seen in the horrible horrible and totally inaccurate depictions by Ramanand Sagar), but a deadly disc that could slice through bone! And yes, one could spin it on the index finger to launch it.
  • There’s proof that India was one of the first countries to develop and use firearms.

So, of course this means I’ll need to dig up some dusty tomes for some research, which got me to thinking of libraries. Just found this list of libraries in New Delhi:

The Delhi Public Library’s in Sarojini Nagar market. While I haven’t looked into its collections yet, it does seem a promising start.


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