Back to bread… and about Sanderson

Today I got back to baking after a really long time. I used proper yeast this time. Found a source that’s approx. 5 mins walking distance away Smile. So, fresh yeast is at hand! F**k Active Dry Yeast.. I never learnt how to use you anyways – says I by way of Alanis, I think.

I read Brandon Sanderson recently; Alcatraz and The Evil Librarians… if I don’t look up the name of the text, you’ll never read me again coz Orson Scott Card says if the writer’s too lazy to do the work, the reader ain’t going to love him/her. So, the name is “Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians”. It was quite interesting written and is intended for middle-schoolers. I guess that’s somewhere between 9 and 12? Alright… I’ll look it up!

And I did… according to Sanderson, “the publisher places it for ages eight through thirteen, but I’d personally target it at ages ten and up.”

I’ll go with Sanderson, coz I’m definitely in the upper range of 10 and up.

I’m happy I found Brandon’s books. I came across him via – I added a few books I’d read; Brent Weeks – who I found while perusing the site, Iain M. Banks – an all time favorite, and others. So I look forward to happily adding even more authors and books into LibraryThing and seeing what else they’re likely to recommend!

And LibraryThing I came across coz I was fiddling with Calibre and trying to download metadata for some books and some cool cover photos for others. I’m glad when I can backtrack with those crumbs… an expression I heard recently again when watching Star Trek: Voyager episodes – Season 1… I think it was the one where Torres our Human-Klingon mix is split to her Klingon and Human bits and half of her survives the experience. Come to think of it the Human bit’s whiny and appreciative. Her Klingon bit seems to take things as they are. At this point, I won’t find you the name of the episode. I’ve shown you, my reader, good faith and done a good bit of research and shared some cool sites. And, I’m writing a blog, not an article!

Yes, I was making bread.

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