Baking & Yeast…

Yeast is to baking… like water is to soups Smile – hmm… well, you can replace yeast by using baking powder I guess… regardless. To bake the right way, Yeast is a critical ingredient.

Lately with my bakes, I noted that the breads were coming out flatter. Now why would that be? I was using yeast, the same flour and the rest… but the only difference I could remark upon was the weather. It’s colder now. So to let the dough rise, I heated up the oven a bit and let the dough sit there. No use. Longer time? nope.

Then while chatting with a friend, I remarked that I was now using Active Dry Yeast… and then I decided to lookup the how and what of ADY! Turns out that you really do need to work a bit to use this yeast. While it’s preferable to fresh yeast for most home bakers – well, I think I could manage to get ahold of fresh yeast in Cairo… but it’s still not as easy to store and access. So ADY was what I needed to use.

Looked up instructions everywhere. I think I’m close to the right stuff, but nowhere near. No one has instructions for beginners. The best I found was as follows:

125 ml of lukewarm water (between 30 and 35 degrees C)

2 tbsps of sugar

dissolve the sugar well in the water.

Add a spoonful of ADY and let it sit in a covered cup for 10 mins.

After 10 mins it should have a bit of foam and sludge on top. This gives you the “proof” that your yeast is alive & kicking. Now just use in your recipe as indicated deducting the water you used for the yeast prep.

So after taking in all that reading, I’m hoping the dough will rise! Will post an update in 20 mins or so Smile

Sad smile Proofing didn’t work.. I guess the yeast needed more time, more water or something…


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