Stapling, Pinning & Tacking

That’s what I’m reading about today… I emailed our office assistant and asked for some supplies and lo and behold in less than 15 mins, Santa arrived in the form of Hassan who unloaded the goodies on my table. Most of the stuff was simply sorted and put away, but as I unpacked the stapler, I saw this set of images with Stapling, Pinning and Tacking. Cool ideas, but other than Stapling, I wasn’t really aware of the pinning or tacking. So, since it piqued my interest enough, I looked it up.

So, stapling is generally for sticking bits of paper together. If the idea is to unstick them in the short term, then Pinning (legs out) is best. Stapling is longer term. I guess the Tacking is for a larger pile of papers, or when you’re trying to stick this paper to a cork board. Smile

Staple (fastener) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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