All our problems come from Man’s inability to sit in one room, quietly.

This quote is attributed to Blaise Pascal, who also had a very interesting notion about why Belief is safe. I had my chance to feel the former in the last 2 days as I’ve been afflicted with a cold and homebound. Being for the large part confident in my immune system’s ability to handle this minor challenge, I’ve had to deal with the mental side of things and today I’m ready to start a war or two. Sabbath, I recall had a similar goal according to A. N. Wilson. By forcing inactivity upon you, it winds you up like a spring so you can sprint through the week forward.

Now, sitting charged upon my laptop with my Outlook at the ready, I’m swiping my mails and calls at the demonic host of projects I’m trying to whittle away at. Fools and Project Managers beware!

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