I’ve been madly gulping Potter and just finished the last book. In the reviews I read about the last 3 books, I must say, my views differ greatly from the authors. I found the books quite addictive. Really enjoyed them loads. Thanks to Rowling for these amazing stories. I felt that Rowling probably wanted to write another couple of books, and used the “Article” mode to summarize and show some of the important twists in the story. I feel that she perhaps wanted, but was unable to do justice to the story. The change in attitude that Harry has when digging the grave is quiet interesting and I’d have loved to have read more about it. Dumbledore’s past as it is revealed is super interesting as well. And the quest for the hallows.. yeah I really think she stuffed the book. She had enough twists in there for 3 books!

LOL, ok by now I think the reviews I read did have a point about her short shifting some of the characters… and I just feel… like I need to write to explore my own feelings.

3 responses to “Potter!

  1. I also found the Harry Potter series very addictive, particularly good for this time of year as I love to watch the films with the family. Although I think the little recap of Harry’s future in the last book was a bit cheesey for me, I think not knowing would have been better.

    • Yeah, I think I’d agree about the 19 years later bit. It was quite addictive for me as well. I’ve been going gaga over it. And I think rather than turn Harry into a superhero who’s perfect, she does a great job of showing how normal he is… and yet he’s special. The emphasis around choice is also quite nice. Usually yarns such as these tend to have that doom element. Plus I like the fact that he really stumbles around quite a bit before finding the answers. Don’t like the fact that Dumbledore’s so omniscent… he’s like the master chess player outwitting all the others. Yes he dies, but that’s just like Ron taking himself out in Chess in book 1.

      • Yeah thats the best element of Harry’s character, that he makes mistakes, shows us that even though he’s magic he’s also human like us. Hmm yeah I see what you mean about Dumbledore he changes a lot in the later books because withdrawn and doesn’t seem approachable as he starts to scheme.

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