Mobile Ebook Reader

I resumed my search for a mobile ebook reader – for the times when I forget my Sony reader – and amazingly came across Freda!

Here’s the link to the app:

I’d recommend the dropbox download. It was faster and prompt. RapidShare took 50 seconds to tell me that the link had expired! Annoying.

After installing it on my wm6 device, I had an error message: .NET version expected is newer than the one you have installed. So, I binged it and found two options. To get the latest I downloaded the .net compact framework version 3.5 – you can download it here.

Why Freda? I use Calibre to manage my ebooks. I used Mobipocket previously, but the epub format seems to be more of a standard and Mobipocket only imports then. Add to that the fact that I have a Sony Reader which supports epub – I moved! And Freda supports epub. I’ve still to check if Calibre allows direct exports to Freda on my mobile. If not, then it’ll be copy & paste. 😦 Mobipocket would do a direct transfer… all the pros & cons. I’m sticking with ePub until something better comes along.

3 responses to “Mobile Ebook Reader

  1. Hi,
    To your question about Calibre direct export, the answer is: no, right now we do not support a direct export of a book from Calibre to Freda. But I’m working with the Calibre developers now, so in the next version it will be available. As a work-around for the time being, please download your book file into Freda’s library folder (normally \My Documents\Freda ebooks\) and then look in Freda’s ‘Library’ screen to find the downloaded book.
    Jim (Freda developer)

    • Thanks for the heads-up! I’d love to see that happen. Do you need coders? I’m still trying to get back into coding, so I’d be glad to help with some coding that you don’t need delivered immediately 🙂

      Thanks for the excellent application. I’m enjoying it very much.

  2. Just to keep you up to date on Calibre integration: we’ve encountered some problems here, because Calibre does not work with ActiveSync (i.e. Calibre cannot easily detect the phone’s file-system when the phone is connected via ActiveSync). A fix for that will need some work by the Calibre team, and right now that is not a top priority for them.

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