10 Talents…

I was recently looking through my slashdot newsletters and I came across this write-up about the evidence against Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory. And there was a quote from Matthew (gospel) – He that has shall be given more and he that has little, even that shall be taken away.” I hadn’t realized that it was from the Parable of the 10 talents.. or maybe .. whatever. It stuck and I reread the parable today.

Talking to one more friend about it, he mentioned that it was one of several controversial parables from the New Testament. The funny bit was that when I looked looked for that parable.. or only the keywords “10 talents” I came across several translations of that same line. Some very close to how the NIV interprets it and others quite different. Also another person pointed out that the German bible uses son instead of servant. Need to verify that.

Another time when looking into this issue in my university days, I came across some Jewish translations of the Bible too. Daughter and Virgin seemed to have the same root. I guess I have to dig up some links and post them here.

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