I may be spiraling away again with the many projects I’m onto. But we’ll see.

So I was working on

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Writing

and now I’m adding Programming to the list.

At this time I’m downloading the C# Express edition from the MSDN website. And tagging along with that is SQL Express.

MS seems to have a beginner developer center that I’ll be using too. Lucky me I have access to some other resources. Just have to keep plugging away though.

My inspiration for today was the author of bLADE Wiki, Dale Lane. He’s got the bLADE Wiki app and also a cool tool for working with MS Money files on the mobile. Really glad to have found that. While he’s not using Open Source, at least he’s putting out freeware.

2 responses to “Programming

  1. Why are you learning C#

  2. I know Java and C++. However, in the windows world, it’s easier to get by with C# or VB.NET for both webapps and .net based windows apps. I do a lot of work with SharePoint and Office, so I figured that this could work out in all sorts of ways.

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