Daily Posting

Obviously the daily posting is going to take a bit more effort than I’d previously imagined.

I watched Untraceable yesterday. Some thoughts – Diane Lane seems to be starring in Un movies! Two, she’s more mature looking and I’m glad that it’s not always a hot chick who’s the star. The conversation in the movie was overall quite intelligent with the techie bits – but quite stereotypical on the human bits. And fourth, the discussion and debate never goes deep enough!

The premise of a killer involving the viewers in a ‘live’ kill was quite interesting. The killer too chose to involve a senator’s son. The senator was involved with the subject of Net Neutrality? or was it Brutality? From the context it sounded like Net Neutrality and that was followed by two lines on the topic – end of subject. What?! How?! Where’s the moral angle or debate here? Nada. And, of course, the internet is a ‘jungle’.

The second bit of discussion was around the guilt of the viewers. Again, glossed over in a brief chat about, “why should you feel guilty about looking up a web page,” or something similar.

Overall, great concept, good direction and cinematography, but poor when it comes to actual handling of issues.

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